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i hid the phone

So now

Even when its evil ringing frightens me

i will not be able to find it.

Someday it will find me

But I will be alone and undefended

Because I hid the crowbar.

Its chrome, dropforged surface

Shined a little too bright.

i hid the television

i can still hear it somewhere

Droning Mike Wallace on the News.

You'd think i could find it by the sound,

But it keeps turning its volume knobs

Up and down to confuse and bewilder me

And i can't unplug it

Because i hid the outlet

Its dark openings

Were too attractive to my baby fingers.

i hid my dog

Its barking and

Sudden frantic tail movements

Were making me edgy

And i hid the leash

It too closely resembled a noose

i hid the dryer

Its low hum made me dizzy

And unable to sleep

But i don't need it anyway

Because i hid the washer

The wild gyrations of its spin cycle

Were way too suggestive

i hid the mirror

But i know how I look

So i'm looking for a place

To hide

daniel talsky ©2001