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inscrutable love, insightful love, masterful love,

love from the heights and love

from the bottom of love with the fishes in the 

love of the wellspring

dulce amour

odorous love, maelstrom love,

attention love, dimension love,

love manages to write another poem about love wanting love

struggling to completion love waiting love dying for love

incestuous love, embellished love, barely bearable love

enmeshed love, doggie love, final love in a small enclosed space

a taste of love an abuse of love a mad mad rush of love

a barn door of love the love the love the

space		around love the

twisting of love the

expulsion of love the


of love the mighty love the courageous (stupid) force of love

indeed the crow of love the cackle of love for the pitfalls of love

the Grackle of love the Cock of love

maniacal spinning finding footing love

kibbles and bits love

Mongols and Huns love, the fates lust and lust for love

the sickness of love, fever flakes and affliction in love for the crackling of love

cannot remember how to SPELL luv in the heat of love and the mightiest of love

lost the spoils of love in the in the simply firing neurons of love

the evolution of love

smacks on the lovely pink bottom of love to the 

grating monotony of love

the coo of love and the goo of love fills the cracks of love the

land and the love

the fire of love?

inescapable love?

try to love?


oh, love.



daniel talsky ©2001