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listen to me read it... (this file not up yet)

jazzy love, zazzy love
pretty love and gritty love
gravelly love or twitty love
love in china and peru, love chopped up and put in stew
love in the bottom of a well, love that can't smell
love don't know how to be appropriate and
love channels love through a thin filament of love and
love has a friend in Jesus and
love is a crafty plaything loving itself from inside
loving herself from a black sheep love love
love cracking it's knuckles on the train gazing at love
yes, love with a beautiful wisp of 
love it doesn't even know it has
a love child
a loverboy
a loverman
a loving lovely from loveland
crashing up upon the reefs and rocks of love
amid the flotsam and jetsam of love 
planting its seeds on the shores of new love, new love
give me your tired and huddled love
your yearning love
your burning and turning love
give me your risky love and your chancy love
your foolish blunderbuss impractical love
dare we roll the dice of love and practice beloved love?
dare we tug on the beard of love and pull the tail of love
and nip love in its tender places until it howls with love?
just to be in love
see with the ear of love
smell with the eye of love and 
alive in love, aflame in love
aglow with love, amazing love
for the fate of tasting love
and the faith of testing love
did I say it was the best of love?
did I dream it with the rest of love?
a love alive
alive in love
a love a life
a life in love
in love
in love
in mmm mmm love
with love.
daniel talsky ©2001